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Database Solutions for data-Driven Marketers 



Relevance Reactor DB (RRDB) is a leader when it comes to providing fully hosted database solutions to organizations involved in consumer and/or business data-driven marketing.

Having a powerful centralized database to house all your valuable data, is a must in today’s digital marketing world.  Being able to quickly access and query your data using endless filters and targeted data selects, is also a must to produce results.

It is also very important that your database can easily integrate and connect to other platforms & services.  With the RRDB API, clients connect to platforms and services such as:

  • Data hygiene & validation services
  • Email service providers (ESP’s)
  • Marketing Cloud Platforms
  • Data appending services
  • Search Platforms
  • Social Platforms
  • Call Centers
  • CRM’s

With your data at your fingertips, it is quick and easy to select and export to any of your partners, clients, 3rd party platforms or services.

Your high-performance RRDB can handle any type or amount of data, in any format with any number of fields.  Utilizing an RRDB is simple and does not require a technical understanding or back ground in database administration.  All RRDB solutions include support from our data centralization and integration specialists.

Clients of RRDB not only save time and money, but they also benefit greatly from enhanced data insight, data workability, data flow automation, reporting and much, much more.  Leave the technical, development, network and infrastructure aspects with us and focus on other important areas of your business, most importantly, getting the most out of your data.


RRDB Solution Options

Relevance Reactor DB offers two great solutions to choose from.  These options include RRDB – Self-Serve and RRDB – Custom. Our Database solutions are fully hosted and utilize data compression features to provide cost-effective data storage, warehousing and archiving.

Data Manager Lite
RRDB Self-Serve
 – A self-serve database solution for companies looking for a simple streamlined interface to centralize and handle all their consumer email or phone based records.  With online registration and instant access, clients can easily set up their account and start utilizing their database in no time. 

 Self-Serve doesn’t mean you are on your own.  One of our data centralization and integration specialists will be assigned to your RRDB account.  We help in all areas, from assisting with setting up data sources and feeds to queries, exports and everything in between.  RRDB Self-Serve clients can upgrade to RRDB Custom at any-time.

Data Manager ProRRDB Custom –A database solution for companies looking to take their database(s) capabilities and functionality to where it needs to be.  To truley do what you need to with your data.  RRDB Custom can automate your dataflow process, eliminate human error and take the guesswork out of managing your data.  All set-up and customizations are done by RRDB.  Typical turn-around to start utilizing RRDB Custom is roughly 1 work week.  We look forward to discussing your database needs and exploring the possibilites.



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Data Management Simplified 


Built-In Reporting

Many Awesome System Features
Custom Reporting and Business Intelligence
Database Management
Data Hygiene & Verification
Data Rejection and Suppression
Data Import
Data Segmentation
Web Based Interface
Data Export
Data De-Duping
Data Mining/Filtering/Querying
  • IMPORT Your Data
  • CENTRALIZE Your Data
  • DE-DUPE Your Data
  • ORGANIZE Your Data
  • CLEANSE Your Data
  • UNDERSTAND Your Data
  • SEGMENT Your Data
  • FILTER Your Data
  • QUERY Your Data
  • EXPORT Your Data


Why Use

Why Utilize RRDB? 

  • Centralize & organize your company’s valuable data
  • Access ALL your data from one location
  • Save hours of time with dataflow automation
  • Easily work with other 3rd party platforms and services
  • No limitations on how you work with your data
  • Extremely fast query times
  • No technical expertise needed
  • Eliminate development, network & infrastructure costs
  • Professionalism & Teamwork
Relevance Reactor


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What are some of the Benefits



Relevance Reactor


Some of the features & benefits of RRDB include

  • Fully hosted
  • High Performance
  • Unlimited users
  • Incoming & outgoing data feeds
  • Datafile management tools
  • 3rd party platform & service integrations
  • Automated de-duplication
  • MD5 Encryption
  • RRDB FTP Account
  • Global blacklisting
  • Advanced data querying
  • Automated data suppression  
  • Built-in & custom reporting
  • Support & Teamwork

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