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About Relevance Reactor and it's creators

about relevance reactor db and its creators

Relevance Reactor DB is a product of Makiska Media Corp, a technology solutions provider specializing in centrailized database solutions. The Makiska Media team has been involved in providing enterprise-class solutions to online businesses since 1999, offering many years of proven knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Our passions are commitment, success through teamwork and building data-driven web applications involving large amounts of data. We are leaders in implementation services, software development, database administration and large network architecture. Our uniquely designed Relevance Reactor DB platform allows us to provide user-friendly database solutions to companies of any size, involving any type of data in any format.


 The RRDB platform is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center (Q9 Networks) with a very high degree scalability and availability. RRDB was designed using advanced development tools and is 100% API based. Additionally, it is built on "Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise" and therefore takes advantage of the most sophisticated database management features available today.

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